Houses for Rent on Naxos Island (Cyclades)


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Houses for rent on Naxos Island


Description of Naxos Island:

Holiday Homes and Apartments on Naxos Island:

Villa Pelagia 1 up to 8 persons

Sophia 6-8 persons

Pyrgaki 1 up to 5 persons

Pyrgaki 2 up to 4 persons

Villa Kastraki up to 12 persons

Giorgios 2-5 persons

Villa Pelagia 2 4-6 persons

Prokopios 2 6-8 persons

Pyrgaki 4 up to 4 persons

Joannis House up to 5 persons

Dimitrios 2-4 persons

Ap. Pelagia 2-4 persons

Prokopios 3 up to 5 persons

Chora up to 3 persons

Pyrgaki 5 up to 2 persons

Joannis Studios up to 12 pers.

Alyko 1+2 up to 4 persons


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Low cost house on Naxos Island (for Sale or long term rental)

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